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Official Jewelry

Alpha Gamma Delta works with a specialty jewelry company, Herff Jones, to produce all our official jewelry including Badges, guards, emblems, awards and other accessories. Most items can be found on These items are not sold by the Alpha Gam Boutique. Many items are not kept in stock but produced at the time an order is placed. This means there can be a 6 to 8 week wait time on all orders.


Badges are available on Herff Jones website for any initiated member. If you are an initiated member looking to replace a Badge or order a new Badge, you can do so HERE. Once an order is placed with Herff Jones for a Badge, it is reviewed by International Headquarters to verify membership. A family member or friend can still place an order for an initiated member. New Members should utilize myAlphagam to select their Badge and contact their Vice President−New Member Experience with questions. Badges are available in a variety of styles and karat qualities.


Guards are available to those members who wish to display their chapter letters. They can be purchased at any time. It is recommended that you send you Badge to Herff Jones for them to attach the guard. Guards are available in a variety of styles and karat qualities.


Dangles, are available to those members who wear a Badge with a guard and wish to display their involvement with the Fraternity. They showcase leadership roles such as Vice President−Operations, Ritual Coordinator, Sisterhood Coordinator, Chapter Advisors and more. They can be purchased at any time. They slide over the guard chain which attaches the Badge. It is recommended that you send your Badge and guard to Herff Jones for them to detach the guard, add the emblem and reattach the guard to the Badge.

Milestone Jewelry

Milestone jewelry includes both pins and charms to represent the number of years a member has served the Fraternity. They begin at 10 years. The 50, 60 and 70 year member pins are designed to fit around each other. These pieces are most frequently given to alumnae as a gift.


All awards must be ordered by contacting Alpha Gamma Delta International Headquarters. Awards showcased on the Herff Jones website include the Rose Award Charm, Heart of Alpha Gamma Delta Award, and Double Rose Award. They are not available for sale through the Herff Jones website. They must be ordered through International Headquarters at

Damaged Jewelry

Damaged jewelry can be repaired by Herff Jones. Shipping costs are incurred by the member and there may be fees to repair the jewelry. Damaged items should be mailed to Herff Jones with the  Return or Repair Form. Returned items are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Badge Returns and Disposition

All Badges are property of the Fraternity. At or before the time a member enters Chapter Grand, they are to return their Badge to the Fraternity at International Headquarters in Indianapolis or be buried with the Badge. The  Badge Disposition Form should be filled out and sent to International Headquarters with the Badge. Members may also include this form as an attachment to a will or trust.

A collegiate member who is suspended or not in Good Standing does not retain her Badge. Upon recommendation for suspension or expulsion, the chapter shall forward the member’s Badge to International Headquarters and include the form. Please contact to request a Collegiate Badge Return Form.